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Madden 15 3-4 Bear Cover 3 – Coverage Defense

In part 1 of our Madden 15 3-4 Bear defense breakdown, we will look at the Cover 3 defense.  We are using this as a coverage defense, but it also does a good job of stopping the run.

Madden 15 Tips: 3-4 Bear Cover 3 Defense

Playbook: Cleveland Browns

Formation: 3-4 Bear

Play: Cover 3


  1. Base align (triangle/Y and left stick to the right)
  2. Edge rush your line (L1/LB and left stick up
  3. Option the running back (L2/LT and then hit X/square)

This is a great all around play! Not only does it lock down the field, it also makes it hard to run the ball against as well. That’s why you option the running back, so the defense plays the running back tighter and keeps the ball in front of them.

Make sure when running this play you user the safety that ends up in the LB spot that’s on the yellow hook zone! Your goal is 100 percent middle of the field. To make this a bit easier I stand about 3 yards behind the DT that way I already control the middle and just have to focus on hitting the holes to blow up any run plays!

Also the last and final thing you can do, but it is optional:
The outside linebacker that’s blitzing if I see only 1 wr to his side I keep him blitzing, if I see 2 wr I’ll put him on a hook zone (yellow) and finally if I see 3 or more to his side I’ll put him on the deep blue. What’s good about it, no one will ever know what changes you are making.

So what’s the “secret” to this D you ask? It’s to always option the running back and controlling the middle. That is how you get stops and turnovers, making this D a pain to play against!

Update: Part 2 (3-4 Bear – Cover 2 Invert) can be found here

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