Madden School Pro Wayne6578 is bringing you one of the tips he uses to completely shut down the HB Slip Screen in Madden 15 when he knows it is coming.

Sometimes you will play one of those guys who keeps running screen passes over and over.  If you run into someone like that online, bust out this play and it should stop them.

Playbook: Any Playbook

Formation: Any formation with 2 or more linebackers and 3 or more defensive lineman.

Step 1.
Place the defensive end on the same side of running back in a flat zone.

Step 2.
Man up the closest linebacker on the running back that you think the screen pass is going to.

Step 3. (Optional)
Pass commit!

Overview: This is a great way to stop the HB Slip Screen.  It still has decent coverage behind it, but it is not something you should call unless you highly suspect that your opponent is going to call a screen pass.