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How To Face Throw Or User Catch With Fades in Madden 15

In today’s free Madden tip, Mr. Black Kaos is going to go over how he face throws in Madden 15 to pick up an easy 30 yards.

It will take a little bit of practice to get everything down correctly, but once you do it should be fairly easy to do it over and over.

Keep in mind that you will want to do this with a tall receiver who has good spectacular catch and catch in traffic ratings.

Madden 15 Tips: How To Face Throw

Only throw it if you see single coverage.  If your receiver is double teamed, it will not work as often.

  1. Fade an outside receiver.
  2. Throw a high bullet pass to him holding up on the D-pad and holding the L2/LB
    trigger in.
  3. Immediately after the ball is released from the quarterback, press circle/B to gain control
    of the receiver.
  4. Hold triangle/Y and run to the ball circle do not stop holding triangle/Y.
  5. Do not use turbo it takes you our of position to get a good face catch animation.

If you have any questions with how this works, leave a comment below.

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