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Madden 15 Shotgun Split Offset Mini-Scheme

SnA Exclusive is bringing you a nice little scheme out of the Shotgun Split Offset formation in Madden 15.  This formation works really well if you are using a team that has 2 really good running backs.

Check out the full breakdown below.

Madden 15: Shotgun Split Offset Mini Scheme

Playbook: Philadelphia Eagles

Formation: Gun Split Offset


  • Motion Inside Zone
  • HB Off Tackle
  • Motion HB Swing
  • Motion Triple Option
  • Motion HB Screen

Special Setups:

– Motion HB Swing –> Put your X/square WR on a slant route and if it’s man coverage, throw the slant

– Motion HB Screen–> Put your RB who’s running the screen on a Go route and drag the slot WR

Overview:  Having a formation where you can run multiple plays from one consistent look is a powerful tool to have. Due to the pre-snap auto motion, you can give the same look but run at least 5-6 different plays off of it, leaving the defensive user constantly confused about what play is coming. This formation is great for short yardage situations and also for a first drive or a drive where you need to move the ball.

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9 years ago

How do you stop?? This mini scheme!??