SnA Exclusive is back to break down a way to get decent pressure while maintaining good pass coverage and run defense as well.

Proceed on to the video and written analysis below.

Playbook: SF (and most 3-4 playbooks)

Formation: 3-4 Over


  • Cover 4
  • Cover 3
  • Cover 2
  • Cover 6 Press
  • Cover 1 Hole


  1. QB Contain
  2. Base Align (optional)
  3. Shade your coverage (optional)
  4. Press (optional)

Personnel Recommendations:

– High Hit power at ILB #2 (I use MLB swap with SF to get Willis over the middle)
– Your best pass rusher at LOLB

Overview:  The QB Contain in this play allows your LOLB to get a unique pass rush angle that most of the time will almost come in untouched, allowing you to simply play any coverage behind it and have a consistent 4 man pass rush that will get to the QB in a little under 2.5 seconds most of the time. This setup is especially good for SIM players who are looking for a base defense, because it’s also great against the run as well.

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