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Madden 15 Defense: 3-4 Over Breakdown

SnA Exclusive is back to break down a way to get decent pressure while maintaining good pass coverage and run defense as well.

Proceed on to the video and written analysis below.

Madden 15: Unlocking The 3-4 Over Formation

Playbook: SF (and most 3-4 playbooks)

Formation: 3-4 Over


  • Cover 4
  • Cover 3
  • Cover 2
  • Cover 6 Press
  • Cover 1 Hole


  1. QB Contain
  2. Base Align (optional)
  3. Shade your coverage (optional)
  4. Press (optional)

Personnel Recommendations:

– High Hit power at ILB #2 (I use MLB swap with SF to get Willis over the middle)
– Your best pass rusher at LOLB

Overview:  The QB Contain in this play allows your LOLB to get a unique pass rush angle that most of the time will almost come in untouched, allowing you to simply play any coverage behind it and have a consistent 4 man pass rush that will get to the QB in a little under 2.5 seconds most of the time. This setup is especially good for SIM players who are looking for a base defense, because it’s also great against the run as well.

Madden 15 Defensive Lockdown eBook


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  1. Do you guys have a tip to beat cover 2 invert?

  2. How can you tell what kind of play the offence is running? By the how they line up? By the personel? Please help?

  3. how do you QB Contain or is just in the play book ??

    1. on ps4 hit LT first then r1 on xbox1 the layout is the same I don’t know the buttons.

  4. This formation really works well, especially against running teams with mobile quarterbacks like the Seahawks, 49ers and Bills. The contain disrupts a lot of those outside edge runs and is killer against play action lol. Thanks 4 the tip

  5. Do you guyz have a defensive ebook for ps3 available

  6. Thanx for the tip it works well…..How would you run thus with the eagles