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Madden 15: How To Slow Down 5 WR Formations

5 wide receiver formations are always popular in Madden games and Madden NFL 15 is no different.  In today’s free video tip, SnA Exclusive is going over some defenses that will make 5 wide receiver formations much less effective.

The full video and written breakdown is below.

Madden NFL 15 How To Beat 5 WR Formations

Playbook: Any (I’m using a custom playbook)


  • 4-3 Over
  • 3-4 Over
  • Nickel 2-4-5


  • Cover 2 Sink
  • Nickel 2-4-5: Buck Slant 3

Setups: QB Contain always!

Overview: Beating a 5 Wide formation in Madden 15 can be tricky, and I know from experience. Nothing is more infuriating than a guy who runs 5 wide all game long using the same play. Well here are some tips on how to defeat the 5 wide formation in Madden 15. First tip is to bring pressure. MAKE SURE you have plays that can bring instant pressure against 5 blockers.

Secondly, know how to effectively run a cover 2 sink and then mix with man coverage (man coverage not covered in the video), and make sure you cover the deep seams. Lastly, always QB contain. Almost everyone loves to roll out and scramble in 5 Wide sets, so QB contain shuts that down, but QB contain also shuts down the ever-so-popular 5 WR Screen play as well. If you guys have any requests or questions always feel free to stop by our Madden 15 forums and ask in a thread or send me (SnA ExclusiVe) a private message.

Madden 15 Defensive Lockdown eBook

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Patrick Giles
Patrick Giles
9 years ago

Hi, im new to madden 15 so im trying to soak up as much knowledge bout the game I have a question how do u bring your safety down to stop the run ? Do u have to control him manually or is it a button for it