Yoda is back to go over one the nano blitzes he is using in Madden 15.  This play is found in the Nickel 2-4-5 formation and has a lot of versatility.

There are some advanced setups involved with this play, so if you aren’t too quick yet at making pre-snap adjustments to your defense, you may want to stick to only the first setup in a game.

Formation: Nickel 2-4-5

Play: Buck Slant 3

Their are multiple setups found in this video.  You can find the instructions below.

Left side pressure only:

  1. Reblitz LE
  2. QB contain
  3. Flat zone MLB#2

Dual side pressure:

  1. Hot blitz LOLB
  2. Pinch line your defensive line and crash them down
  3. Reblitz MLB #1
  4. Put MLB #2 into coverage
  5. QB contain
  6. Press coverage

Middle pressure:

  1. Pinch your defensive line and crash them down
  2. Hot blitz LOLB
  3. Blitz MLB#1
  4. Coverage MLB#2
  5. Coverage nickel back
  6. Reblitz RE

Overview: These setups do take a little bit of time to get down, but if you practice them a few times, it isn’t too complicated.  This is a good play to call on third and long.

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