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Madden 15: 46 Bear Under – LB Dogs 3

Another day, another blitz to add to your Madden 15 defensive playbook.  In today’s free tip, SnA Exclusive is going a way to get quick pressure out of the 46 Bear Under formation.

Keep in mind, you are sending 6 rushers at only 5 blockers, but the guy that gets in comes off the dge really fast and you have good coverage behind the blitz.

Check out the full breakdown below.

Madden 15 Defense: 46 Bear Under - LB Dogs 3

Playbook: 46 (and others)

Formation: 46 Bear Under

Play: LB Dogs 3

Setup for right edge heat:

  1. Crash line down

Setup for left edge heat:

  1. Pinch Line or shift line left
  2.  Crash line down

Overview: This defense and play in particular is great against people who love sending 5 players out on routes and trying to throw deep. You get 6 guys rushing so it’s guaranteed to get through as well as 2 hook zones over the middle and a cover 3 shell, which I love to use. This defense forces your opponent to block a RB or a TE, thus giving you an advantage on defense.

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