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Madden 15 Nano Blitz: 3-4 Solid – Cover 3 Sky

Nano blitzes are very hard to find in Madden 15 because of the improved offensive line.  A good blitz can make your opponent block extra guys which will make moving the ball on offense even harder than it already is.

In this free Madden 15 defensive tip, we are going to go over a basic nano blitz from the 3-4 Solid formation.  We are rushing 5 guys against a 5 guys blocking.

The beauty of this play is that you can easily make it into a max coverage defense as well once your opponent starts blocking extra men.

Madden 15 Nano Blitz: 3-4 Solid Cover 3 Sky

Playbook: Kansas City Chiefs

Formation: 3-4 Solid

Play: Cover 3 Sky


  1. Base Align
  2. Shift your defensive line to the right and crash them down
  3. Blitz your MLB on the right side of the screen
  4. Adjust the zones however you want

Overview: You should see the pressure come from either the LE (on the right side of the screen) or the middle linebacker. If your opponent likes to block extra guys, this play won’t work. If you notice that tendency, put 1 or 2 of your blitzing rushers into zones.

If you like this blitz, make sure to also review the same concept with a man to man setup.

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