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How To Create Bracket Coverages in Madden 15

In today’s quick Madden 15 tip, SnA Exclusive is going over a way to zero in on a receiver who your opponent likes to target.

Madden 15 - Creating Bracket Coverages

Playbook: Baltimore (but it’s a generic concept)

Formation: Nickel 3-3-5 (Again, generic concept)

Play: 2 Man Under

Setup: Manually assign the safety on the side of the WR you want to double cover to cover the outside WR (or slot WR). Then put the CB that’s over that WR in a hook or flat zone (if you want to create a faux press look)

Overview: If someone is constantly beating you with one WR, this tip is a way to essentially shut down one WR and also one side of the field and allows you to roam and user the other side. It also provides a false pre-snap read with your CB dropping back into a hook zone to pick off any corner routes that come his way as well.

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9 years ago

Can this help with guys throwing deep bombs face catching or whatever it’s called