SnA Exclusive is back to break down a money play that beats both man and zone coverage in Madden 15.  You can see in the video below that when you get time to throw the ball, this play becomes very hard to defend.

Feel free to add this play to your custom playbook to give your opponent 1 more thing to think about.

Playbook: Baltimore Ravens

Formation: Gun Y-Trips HB WK

Play: DBL Under

Setup: The setup depends on what you want to do. If you’re just looking to throw the trail route, I just block the HB to buy extra time. If you want to use the trail route as your last read and run a scheme around it, you can wheel your HB and motion him out.


  1. TE on the slant route
  2. Slot Seam
  3. Trail Route

Overview: Beating man coverage and zone coverage with one play is something that the top Madden players often rely on. The key to this play is the trail route ran by your outside WR, which is a total man beater no matter who you’re facing.

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