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Madden 15 Nano Blitz: 3-4 Odd – Will Sam 3

In today’s free Madden 15 tip, Yoda is going over a really effective nano blitz that only rushes 5 guys and has pretty good coverage behind it.  Use this play in passing situations.

Check out the full breakdown below.

Madden 15 Nano Blitz: 3-4 Odd - Will Sam 3

Playbook: Lots of 3-4 playbooks

Formation: 3-4 Odd

Play: Will Sam 3


  1. Base align
  2. Show blitz
  3. Crash d-line down
  4. Blitz your SS
  5. Put your ROLB (on the left side of the screen) in a zone
  6. Pass commit

Overview: This is a very effective 5 man nano blitz that gets quick pressure through the B-Gap.

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@madden player
@madden player
9 years ago

I tried this blitz with greenbay packers, I didn’t get that quick pressure up the middle. I even had clay Matthews at the right end position. What gives???

9 years ago

1 he was under center with no rb blocking, and most of these so called nano blitzes are garbage because if someone blocks a rb they are all about 90% useless unless you pick on the the top defenses which most ppl do anyway because they are scrubs who bandwagon for wins.

8 years ago

I have been through every playbook on ps4 and there isnt 3-4 odd in any