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Madden 15 Defense Tip: 4-3 Odd Nano Blitz

Getting pressure while maintaining decent coverage behind it is pretty tough to do in Madden 15.  In today’s free Madden 15 tips, SnA Exclusive is going over a few ways to do that out of the 4-3 Odd formation.

Check out the full breakdown below.

Madden 15 Defense: 4-3 Odd Nano Blitz

Playbook: New England Patriots

Formation: 4-3 Odd

Play: Any


  1. Base align
  2. Shift LB Right
  3. Crash DL Down
  4. (Optional) Re-Blitz either or both OLB’s

Overview: Getting pressure out of 4-3 formations has always been something that’s easy to do in Madden. This year, it’s no different. Using this set up from this particular formation, by crashing the line down you create confusion between the LT/LG of who they are going to block, thus resulting in your RE coming free almost every time, and if he’s picked up, he’s picked up 2 yards into the backfield, thus creating havoc while only rushing 4 as a base D.

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Shammy Shamrocks
Shammy Shamrocks
9 years ago

I’m having some problems with this.
I’m following set up word for word and even using will sam 3 but getting very inconsistant results. even when blitzing the ROLB or both. im getting through about 1 in 8 times.
Anything you can think of??
im on xbox one. setting up by pressing Y button-base align then LB button-crash middle then RB button-shift right

9 years ago

I’m having problems also setting this up

9 years ago

A lot of these plays are inconsistent because all of them are done in practice mode, against the computer. I love this site and have always come here to tighten up my madden game but I have noticed a pattern. For the most part a couple of offensive plays will work against a certain opponent. However, when you’re up against an elite player that actually makes pre-snap adjustments you’re screwed. I’m not hating on the tips at all. Just saying, attempt them at your own risk. I know use this site as an entertainment source but again…use plays at your own risk. -xbox one gamertag: twoswole see ya online!