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PA Zone Read Money Play Using Crossing Routes

Today we are going over a play that works really in Madden NFL 15.  As long as you can get decent protection, you have 4 good receiving options.

The Washington Redskins playbook is one of the more popular ones in Madden 15 so you can mix this into your scheme.

We are using crossing routes to get open against both man and zone defenses.  It does involve some timing and reading the defense so make sure to lab it on your own before taking it into an important game.

Madden NFL 15 Money Play: PA Zone Read

Playbook: Washington Redskins

Formation: Shotgun Doubles

Play:  PA Zone Read


  1. Slant the A/X WR (TE)


  1. Your first read will be the Slant route
  2. If he doesn’t get open, or if he is jammed look to your Y/triangle receiver who is doing the crossing route
  3. If he isn’t open look towards your X/square receiver over the middle
  4. Last read is the B/circle WR!

Overview: Make sure to practice this play as it can be deadly with Timing, pass lead and just because the WR gets open VS cover 3 doesn’t mean he will get open VS cover 2, make your reads, as it develops quickly!

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  1. Good tip Arelik. You got any tips to stop those overused running plays?

  2. Planning on using it tonight. Thanks alot Arelik!

    1. No problem! Let me know how you like it.

  3. how can u find this play in custom play books