Today’s free Madden 15 strategy comes in the form of a 4-3 Over Plus formation blitz scheme from SnA Exclusive.

You can check out the video and written breakdown below.

Playbook: Any 4-3 Defense

Formation: 4-3 Over Plus

Mike Blitz 3
1 FS Blitz
Corner Dog 1


Mike Blitz 3: Crash DL Down

1 FS Blitz: Leave as default or if you want dual edge just blitz LOLB, Crash DL down and fake blitz the Center. You can also drop all the linebackers into zone coverages of your choice as well.

Corner Dog 1: Drop MLB into hook zone or any coverage –> Crash DL Down

Overview: The 4-3 is vastly superior to the 3-4 in Madden for many ways, and one of the great benefits it has is it’s built in man coverage blitzes. In this video, I show you 2 great man coverage blitzes that can be used also for run support, and then I show you a cover 3 shell loop blitz to get pressure on 3rd and long situations. All of these blitzes send 5 or less guys, so those of you who wanted to see me send less than 5 and get pressure, here you go!