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Creating a Run-N-Shoot Offense in Madden 15

Running a spread scheme, or a scheme that revolves around 4 WR’s and 1 RB can be done in Madden 15, it just takes some knowledge and time to run it correctly.

In this video, I’ll show you how to approach creating a team or playbook that can best utilize a RnS scheme. I’ll show you some man beaters, cover 2 beaters, cover 3 beaters, and a great universal run play that’s in most playbooks!

Madden 15: Creating a RnS Offense

Playbook: Run N’ Shoot (is what I’m using in this video)

Personnel Recommendations:

– 4 WR’s, at least 1 with 90+ route running and at least 2 with 93+ speed (to play the slot)
– To piggback on the above, you want atleast 1 “stud” WR who can do it all, then 2 speedy guys and then your next best.
– Mobile QB (recommended but not required)
– QB who has good accuracy medium and deep
– RB with high carry rating (nothing else matters in this scheme)
– OL that has a good LT and RG in terms of pass blocking (pass blocking > run blocking for this scheme)

For each formation, you want:

– A play to beat Cover 2 (Smash concept, seam routes down the middle, Corner routes)
– A play to beat Cover 3 (Seam hitch, “C” Routes, Flood concepts, Slants)
– A WR screen
– A run play to beat spread formations (HB Quick Base is a GREAT play that’s very universal)
– Man Coverage beater

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9 years ago

Was there an issue with all WR screens out of this formation or just the (scarce) one that you labbed from the default RNS playbook?

5 years ago

Does this offense use tight ends?