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madden 13 - Calvin Johnson Jr Glitch

Madden 13 Glitches Should Be Few and Far Between

madden 13 - Calvin Johnson Jr Glitch

EA Sports has promised fantastic post release support for Madden 13 which should help rid this year’s virtual football game of glitches.  Sure there will be glitches like there are in every Madden NFL game ever, but they should get patched up quickly if EA Sports sticks to their word.

A patch is already promised for August 28th which will address the dreaded shake blitz exploit as well as wide receivers dropping wide open passes.  There is also supposed to be another patch that will come out 2 weeks later in September but the contents of that one aren’t yet known.

Roster updates were done on a weekly basis for the first time last year.  They had been promised in years past but they slowly faded after the first part of the NFL season until they only happened once every couple of weeks.  With the improved dedication to realism inside of Madden 13 as well as the whole staff’s renewed effort to provide post-release support, we should be looking at one of the best sports games of the last 10 years.

If you do find glitches in this year’s game, feel free to leave a comment below or email us and we will pass it on to the Madden 13 community manager Justin Dewiel.

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  1. add me to play me on Xbox 360! (RyanJerome) . big madden fanatic

  2. Do you notice lighting issues? Seahawks vs Redskins on kick returns in the sun the players are really dark.

    1. I had to change my TV video mode to Sports, then turn on game mode. After that, the dark shaded players went away. If your doing a play now game, might be easier to play the late afternoon game, or night game. If you play online, try to put in your settings for the same

  3. Sometimes the lighting goes brighter and the game gets all blurry just before the play

  4. Will they be fixing the jersey number issues? Right now you could have like 4 #81s on your team with no way of editing it.

  5. I have EA season ticket and have been playing online. (8-2) Last night during a game some dude was playing with Seahawks and was running the hurry up and the second play of the 2nd quarter, He hiked the ball and the ball sat there in mid air and nobody could get it so all of our guys ran around for the whole quarter and then some until one of us quit….lol idk what happen but it was chaos.

  6. There will always be glitches its not real it’s simulated madden can promise only
    One thing a release date and take your money. A big shout to you guys at madden school although you guys probably know every glitch out there you still give a great edge to the game. With some of your tips and ball control and field position I’ve made some glitch bitches cry. Keep up the good work because I have no time with a family. Ty for all your hard work and efforts. Big ups to all the real Madden Nation players that don’t quit but sometimes we just don’t wanna stay in game with the clowns that wish that could play….

  7. when you quit out of a community game it doesnt give you a loss

  8. I’ve had this game for 2 days,In my case the problem i have in Madden 13 is the passing, its better then it has been before but their is one MAJOR issue, the QB does not throw the bullet pass in the air so that the receiver has to jump in the air to get the ball. In old Maddens when u want your tall receiver or tight end to jump for the ball, u would press up on the analog stick and the button(receiver) u want to throw the ball to and your receiver would jump in air for the ball regardless of what route he is running.The clearest example i can use is Drew Brees, when Drew throws the ball (especially to Colston and Graham) most of the time, because Drew is not as tall as most QB’s, and it is a way of beating defenses and taking advantage of height difference, he throws the ball into a window above the receivers and defenders head, so his receiver jumps in the air to get the ball. Now with the total passing control instead of putting the ball in the air so the receiver can jump to get it, he either throws the ball right to the defender(man to man coverage) or he leads the receiver up the field, in either case your receiver does not jump in the air to get the ball no matter if u lob or u bullet the ball, nor does your QB put the ball in a place where your receiver can jump to get the ball. Not only does this eliminate the need to have a jump rating, this takes away a lot and i mean a lot of your offense if u really understand throwing the ball, trying to beat a defense and using height difference to your advantage. With that being said this is not a please fix this is a MUST fix, this is probably the biggest must fix since madden has come out and this is the reason why. This is not just a small mistake or any mistake, this is a flagrant mistake on behalf of Madden developers and EA, im not saying that they knew this was a problem or they ignored it completely. But for people who were suppose to know about football that were responsible for making and putting out this game, for this to even be an issue or for this not to be in the game as the game comes out and the fact that this issue needs to be fixed in a patch to be honest is quite ridiculous, embarrassing and should be looked in to(weather inside EA Sports or outside) Because of the new game features, this issue wont come up right away with a lot of people, but if i noticed this on the first day in practice mode, im not the only one who has. Hopefully this will be patched asap and it does not take 3-6 months to fix. PLEASE EA this issue is really bad and has the potential to be worse as more and more people notice this, this issue alone could really damage what is a really good game, but a quick fix can take this Madden through the roof, please don’t drop the ball on this one EA, u shut the door on 2K Sports for now, but news of this issue, and they just might be back knocking louder then they were before. Thank You

    1. someone cant rocket catch and create the jump animation catch anytime in this new madden and is cryin about it, looks like u actually have to read the defence and find the open guy this year instead of throwin the ball into coverage and haveing the jump animation click in to catch the ball over the defender every time, i knew how to do all that last year to and it was rediculace, once the jump animation kicked in , if the reciever didnt drop the ball from gettin hit in the back it was a garenteed catch everytime, weather this will take out the rocket catchers i dont know yet, but u cant just cause the jumap animation catch at will this year like in madden 12

      1. i feel u on rocket catching, funny thing is i never said anything about rocket catching nor do i rocket catch, obviously u missed the point about Drew Brees, thats ok, if thats the case u really dont understand football thats ok again, thats why im here, to educate u. So what your saying is my QB is not suppose to put the ball in a place where my receiver (Fitzgerald, Megatron, Colston,) or my tight end(Gronk, Hernandez, Finley, Graham,) can use there athletic ability and jump in the air to grab the ball. My bad i must be watching the wrong New Orleans Saints or NFL for that matter. So according to your logic, there should be no jump rating, no spectacular catch rating, everybody should be the same height and we should use the passing system that was in the Madden for PSOne. Well as long as it makes sense to somebody LMAO at u.

    2. Dude, you are totally right! I am usually a perfect passer with leading receivers like gronk up high, but in Madden 13 I am throwing 4 picks a game. That is completely unacceptable and is definitely a MUST FIX NOW, like NEXT PATCH now, because until then I can’t play online or Madden Ultimate Team. Thanks for your commitment!

      1. Soooo you two are basically upset because y’all throw picks because you can’t rocket it to your guys? I agree with White Shadow: learn how to read defenses. This isn’t real life it’s a video game. You’re playing against a guy with a controller not 11 athletes. Oh and Saints did good last weekend. Let a rookie whoop that ass. WHO DAT?! Well that right there is umm RGIII

  9. Why is does the scoreboard sometimes not appear when Im picking my plays. No play clock, no yard line indication, no score, no down. The entire thing just isn’t there sometimes. Whats the deal? Also Ive already seen some arm breaking interceptions. Meaning the defender moved his arm a way that isnt possible to get an interception. Please fix!!!!

  10. are they going to let us use custom teams or even created players in ccm