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How To Use The New Madden-School eBooks has been delivering Madden eBooks to our loyal fans for 6 madden games and during that time we have generally stuck to the same software.  It was easy to use, secure, and we never had any complaints about it.  It did have a few flaws however which has led us to adopt a new way of doing things for Madden 13.

There will be a few noticable difference that I am sure most of you will really enjoy.  The first being the ability to now access our ebooks on smartphones, tablets, ipads, iphones, etc.  In years past you could only open our ebooks on a laptop or computer.  The second is increased freedom for your ebooks.  To combat piracy, our old ebook software would lock your ebook onto your computer.  This was a problem for people who had multiple computers or liked to view the ebook at work.  This year we found a way to keep our ebooks completely secure while allowing a little more freedom to view the ebooks anywhere.

There are a few things that will be different from year’s past.  Instead of getting a username and password emailed to you directly after your payment, you will receive a link for you to create your own username and password for the ebook area.  This does create 1 extra step in the process, but most people prefer to have a username and password they are familiar with rather than auto-generated ones.  Please note that this username/password combo will not necessarily match your madden-school forum username and password.  Even if you have an account on the forum you will need to make a new one for ebooks.

If you have any questions at all concerning our Madden 13 eBooks please feel free to leave a comment below or contact support.

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  1. I have a question, I see that you can access the ebooks from a ipad or iphone can you download them to your apple device or is it just like a page that you can access? I guess the question is can I download them straight to my ipad and then access them without the internet like the old ebooks or will i always need internet to view the content?

  2. is anyone going to answer before i buy it?

  3. Sorry for the late response. The ebooks this year are accessable directly on the website. However, upon request we can send you an offline version as well.

    1. Is there some way that I can have a condensed cheat sheet version of the ebooks – I have already purchased them both?

  4. i cant find the Gun Empty Falcon formation for xbox 360 where is it located what is the name it is under

    1. It is in the atlanta falcons playbook.

  5. Question, I’m a “sim Player” so I don’t use motion hikes or anything not seen on Sunday, are these books still useful to someone like me?

    1. The offensive ebook will work perfectly for you. The defensive ebook may be a little questionable though for sim players.

  6. I love these ebooks you have sent me my whole game changed over night lol for real. Will you send me more additional ebooks later on?

  7. I bought it with paypal now how do I access it?

    1. The ebook is delivered automatically to the email address you payed with.

  8. It was never delivered. PayPal payment has been confirmed. What do I do now.

  9. I sent 2 emails, posted under the contact section of the website, and tried calling.

  10. I bought both guides and just requested to have the condensed PDF versions sent to make the studying easier. can you also send a list of suggested audibles for both guides?

    1. Absolutely, I sent you an email a few hours ago.