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madden 12 play

Madden 12 Zone Defense Beater

The play below can be found in the Kansas City Chiefs playbook in Madden 12.  The beautiful thing about madden nfl 12 is that you can take this play and put it in your own custom playbook.

Before we get started, I want to take a moment to let those of you who are new to know about how we do our tips.  All of our tips are performed on All-Madden difficulty level and are tested both offline and vs. experienced users online.  So whether you play on all-madden, all-pro, pro, or rookie, our madden 12 tips will work just fine.

Formation: Gun Wing Trips Wk

Play: Chiefs HB Drag

madden 12 cheifs pb

You notice in the image above that we are coming out in a pretty standard shotgun formation and the defense looks to be in some sort of zone.  We will be able to get a better idea of what zone the defense is running once we snap the ball.

chiefs play 2

In the screenshot above, you see the linebacker running out to the flat to cover the tight end.  You also notice that both the safety and the corner are backpedaling which means they both are in deep zones.  When the corner turns and faces inside like he is doing, that gives away that it is a cover 3 defense.madden play 2

At this point, you see both the corner and the safety following our slot receiver running the streak route.  The outside linebacker is still in the flat defending our tight end.  You can now begin to see that when our WR makes his cut back into the middle of the field, he will be wide open.

madden 12 play

Our quarterback throws the ball when our receiver breaks to the inside and there are no defenders around our wide receiver.

madden 12 final catch

Our receiver makes the catch and the offense gets an easy 20 yard gain and a first down.

Overview: If your opponent brings pressure, you will have to quick pass to your tight end in the flats or your running back.  If you have questions, leave them in the comments section.  Thanks for reading.

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  1. No matter what defense I'm up against, if I ever drop my QB that far back, I get sack. Why is that? (I only play with the Falcons)

    1. agree w/ Confess, that happens to me as well & I see the Seahawks

    2. You have to get the ball out quick. If you take to long or drop to far back, the protection breaks down. If it takes a long time for your play to develop, try stepping up into the pocket.

  2. It's all about timeing in your play, and going threw your progressions. If you start to drop back and you see blitz depending on where its coming from, find the reciever in that direction. For example if the right outside linebacker blitz and you have a tight end release on that side loft the ball over to him. If no blitz get the best read you can on the defense before the play. once the ball is snapped read the defense not your recievers you already know where they are going. Check down to the reciever that you know is going to be open. sounds like a lot but i do all of this is less than 2 1/2 seconds.

  3. Buy this defensive ebook, its great i always had issues stopping the pass game and so far since i bought and practiced and watched the videos defensive passing game has vastly improved. Interceptions, sack becuase of coverage all over the field, i won my last game 45-12… this ebook is great