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Madden 12 QB Sneak

One of our first tips for Madden 12 will be useful to all madden gamers whether this is your first year playing or whether you are a seasoned veteran.  It takes no skill, no reads, and can be done with just about anyone. Madden 12 has by far the most effective qb sneak of all time.  When I was first labbing it, I couldnt believe how successful such a simple play was.  The only way to consistently stop this play is to come out in a goalline defense, which makes the quarterback auto dive for a 1 yard gain.  This may cause qb sneak to be one of the most used plays in Madden NFL 12.

Formation: Goalline

Play: QB Sneak

Setup: None. Just snap the ball and pick up easy yards.

Overview: Audible to your favorite pass play if the defense comes out in a goalline formation.  If they don’t, you can run this play for consistent yards until your opponent stops you.

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  1. guarantee you people are gonna call this cheesing

  2. I just got beat by 7 playing against the Steelers and the guy literally ran the play every time with Big Ben getting like 200 yds. No huddle offense and every time I'd bring goaline he'd magically call a quick audible and dump it to the FB. I haven't played Madden in a few years but it makes me not want to play. I guess I need to put in some work but it sure made the game awful. Luckily I can still run an offense effectively.

    1. Why didn't just try pinching the line & place a linebacker right in the middle??–

  3. First play of game, did this with Cam get your swag on Newton, took it 45 yards to the house

    1. good to see this garbage has been fixed

  4. Question, I have been trying to do this and my QB just dives on the ground. How do I stop him from doing that?

  5. How do I get it so that my QB doesn't dive every time???