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Madden 12 Team Ratings

madden 12 ratings

The madden nfl 12 team ratings have been revealed for all 32 teams.  Keep in mind that these ratings are before the free agent frenzy, so these rating will change in a roster update on August 30th, when madden 12 comes out.

AFC East
Buffalo Bills: 73
Miami Dolphins: 78
New York Jets: 87
New England Patriots: 88

AFC West
Denver Broncos: 74
San Diego Chargers: 85
Kansas City Chiefs: 84
Oakland Raiders: 76

AFC North
Cincinnati Bengals: 71
Cleveland Browns: 74
Baltimore Ravens: 86
Pittsburgh Steelers: 90

AFC South
Houston Texans: 80
Indianapolis Colts: 85
Jacksonville Jaguars: 75
Tennessee Titans: 73

NFC East
Dallas Cowboys: 82
Philadelphia Eagles: 86
New York Giants: 83
Washington Redskins: 74

NFC West
Arizona Cardinals: 70
San Francisco 49ers: 77
St. Louis Rams: 78
Seattle Seahawks: 76

NFC North
Green Bay Packers: 92
Chicago Bears: 85
Detroit Lions: 76
Minnesota Vikings: 74

NFC South
Atlanta Falcons: 87
New Orleans Saints: 85
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 84
Carolina Panthers: 72

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  1. I'm curious how the ratings are created; power ranking per ESPN analyst have different perspective. It will be interesting to see what really manifest in game.

  2. The Packers Made the playoffs in the Wildcard round how are they the best team in Madden 12 please tell me…Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews, Greg Jennings,n Charles Woodson shood be the only players that shood b 90 overall…no one else…i wood understand 87 overall but not 92 bcuz they cant beat the jets or patriots…we all kno that…the steelers are at the correct overall bcuz they dominated that season and playoffs…the packers got lucky…honestly

    1. Wow u obviously really didnt pay attention last season the packers were riddled wit alot of injuries n they get all those players back they made it as a wild card but fully healthy they r clearly top 3 team in the league…n im a giants fan

    2. … Really? As many have pointed out already… The Packers played with half of there starters on IR and still did very well. Not many teams could ever fathom overcoming that much damage to a teams roster. By the way… the Jets Fan? The Packers can't beat the jets? They shut you out on your own turf. How easy it is to forget an ass kicking. The Packers may not have a roster of 10 guys 90+ but they sure have more then the jets, and they have plenty of strong depth behind that. Oh, You forgot Nick Collins in your Packers above 90 ranking.

    3. Packers beat the Jets last year and lost to the Patriots in a close game with there 2nd string quarterback in. They never were down by more then 7 points in any game last year. Not to mention, they lost a handful of key starters, Ryan Grant, Jermichael Finley ( who should be above a 90 overall along with Nick Collins, who makes the pro-bowl every year), Morgan Brunette, Brad Jones, and Nick Barnett. You obviously didn’t watch the Atlanta game if you think it was lucky the Packers won the superbowl.

    4. i wouldnt be talkin because the pack shut u out on your turf

    5. I'm a Bears fan, and I believe they are a 92 overall team. They can easily beat the Jets or the Patriots. The Packers should be better than the Steelers because the packers dominated that game, and most of the playoffs.

      1. If bears are a 92 Overall team…Patriots should be a 99.

      2. Hey JBA,,, where were you last season when the Patriots kicked the crap out of duh bearz? Sleeping I guess,,, “WAKE-UP”

      3. They really didn't dominate it. At all. It could have gone either way.

    6. Actually they did beat the jets last year. They WON THE SUPERBOWL with more players on injured reserve than any other team in the league and now have most of those players back, how could they not be ranked # 1.

    7. i somewhat agree put the only good steelers are the LB's and palamolu rothlisburgers is a scrambler and the makings for a good qb

    8. hahah packers beat the jets…9 to zip last season!…do your homework before you post stupid things, pack lost to patriots by like 4 and may i remind you rodgers was not playing in that game. jermichael finley is over 90….ryan grant is over 90…raji possibly…..PACK FOR LIFE!!

    9. The packers are #1 because they won the super bowl.
      The steelers are #2 because they lost the super bowl.

      Its pretty obvious why they are the top teams.
      I wouldn’t say the Packers are the best team in the league (but right up there with Pit, NE, IND, BAL, PHI) but they won it all and deserve it.

    10. Packers can't beat the jets or patriots?? shut out the jets last year and only lost to NE on the last drive of the game and that was with no Aaron Rodgers playing not to mention all of the other injuries. Packers beat the top 3 teams in the NFC all on the road and deserved to beat the Steelers in the SB, but for WR drops they could have pulled away early.

    11. Apparently you forgot GB coming into New Jersey and shuting out the Jets at home. They cant beat them but they did beat makes no sense at all

    12. u dont get lucky when u win a title and loose over half ur starters during the run, dont hate homie, packers are the best in the league and we have the ring to prove it. step down to reality kid

    13. this is an old comment but i must say this, the packers are now 11-0, so i think the 92 may be pretty accurate

  3. Add to that, Josh Sitton, Tramon Williams, Nick Collins, AJ Hawk, Jermichael Finley, Chad Clifton, BJ Raji. They are number 1 cause they won the superbowl with 15 guys on IR. Callin that lucky? They are the team to beat this year. They beat the jets last year (shutout) and almost beat the patriots with Matt Flynn at QB. Watch the games.

    1. Totally correct.. the jets fans is a complete moron. if he watched games or even payed attention to football. he wouldve relized that the packers were by far the best team in football

    2. I don't want to live in a world where BJ Raji is a guy that "should" be rated 90 in a Madden game. That's just bonkers.

    3. im a jets fan and even i knew that about the shutout and the matt flynncuz i watched both games n we couldnt even move on their defense!

  4. How are the Jets and Falcons rated equally?? hahahahha…Matty "Not-so-Ice" Ryan and crew? Did they reach the NFC CHAMP game? I thought that was Bears vs Packers last year.

    1. Are you kidding me? I think the record speaks for itself (13-3), they played an incredible regular season and got shut down by an "On Fire" team that went on to win the super bowl. The Jets' rating is the one that is to high.

  5. the vikings got a 74 rating how are the cowboys rated higher then vikings

      1. but the vikings beat the cowboys and have more talent than them. adrian peterson best running back in the league percy harvin one of the bessst if not the best kick returners in the league, jared allen a great defensive end, sidney rice even though he was injured and winfield remeber the nfc north defensive player of the year twice

        1. They only beat the cowboys beacuse of the over celebration touchdowns the cowboys did and 2nd string quater back jon kitna was in and wade philips was coaching… haha

        2. pssst they on't have sidney rice. shows how much you know. Im glad ur not the one in charge of anything.

        3. The Cowboys beat them just the other day. Looks like you don't have a leg to stand on heheheheheheheheheheh

    1. not as a coyboy fan but as a football fan it is becuase of the talent on the coboys than on the vikings

    2. The only reason why they are rated higher is because they are better. I can't think of a better reason.

  6. jets fan your retarded the packers are the best team in the nfl because of the talent they have and the fact that we almost beat the patriots with a backup quarterback do you actually think that we would have lost if we had rodgers in there.

  7. Greenbay is rated at the top because they play in the most competitive division in all the NFL.

    1. GB moved to the NFC South? Was this in the news!?

      1. NFC East is the most competitive hands down. Cowboys, Eagles, and Giants. one wins the devision, and usually the other two fight for one of the wildcard spots.

    2. I'd have to lean towards the NFC east as the most competitive division in the nfl. I'm a die hard Packers fan always and forever. We might have the a good division but not the best. Im just an honest man.

    3. Really? The most competitive division? With a beat down Vikings team, A young Detriot team and Bears team that can't generate offense no matter what they do..NFC East has been the most competitive for years my friends. Stop playing so much madden and actually do some

    4. look at this guy hes telling jokes now. the most competitive divisions are the afc north and east and the nfc south.

  8. all of you are stupid 1 the packers do not play in the most competetiv division 2 they wont even be the top team after the first update the eagles will be then u guys will be on here complaning about them being over rated when there not and 3 the packers are not that good if they were they would not had a wild card to get into the playoffs

    1. they won the superbowl you fucking moron

    2. well the packers had 16 players out for the season including one of the best TEs in the league

    3. i think your the one that is stupid. you might wanna do some research before you make idiotic comments like packers are not going to be the top team. For one they won the superbowl last year and they lost nobody from that team. Oh ya, and about why they were a wild card team, it might be because they didn't have ryan grant and jermichael finley, their starting tailback and tight end. And who played in the NFC Championship game last year? Green Bay(NFC Central) and Chicago(NFC Central). So maybe the NFC East is not as good as everyone thinks.

  9. Chaz the packers should be the top team bc they won the superbowl with many starters that were injured including grant, Finley, burnet, barnett, and jones. Clay also played with a fracture the second half of the season and still got 13.5 sacks. The eagles have yet to play 1 game so idk how they can have the best overall even after the update just bc they got big name free agents. The eagles also did not improve any of their weak positions which were their oline and linebackers. The eagles had trouble stopping the run allowing 111 yards per game and adding pass rushers to their d line with awful linebackers is not going to help improve their run defense. I'm not saying the eagles r bad they will obviously be one of the top rated teams and should be but they should not be the top team without even playing 1 game.

    1. im a redskins fan but i have to agree with u.

  10. The packers should be the top team bc they won the superbowl and had many starters that were injured including grant, Finley, jones, burnet, and barnett. Clay also played the second half the season with a fracture and still got 13.5 sacks. The eagles should not be the top team without even playing 1 game. The eagles did not improve their weakest positions which were the linebackers and the oline. They also had trouble stopping the run and allowed 114 yards per game. Adding pass rushers with awful linebackers is not going to help. I’m not saying the eagles r bad, they will be a top rated team but I do not think they should be the top team without even playing 1 game.