madden 12 demo

The official release of madden 12 is August 30th, 2011 which is now under 2 weeks away.  Most people have had a full week to take the game for a test run by playing the demo that was released last Tuesday.  Our madden 12 forum is buzzing with discussion.  I wanted those of you who aren’t registered on our forums, but are loyal readers of madden-school to let us know what you think about the madden 12 demo.


A lot of websites give 1 man’s impression of games or demos.  If the websites are a little more sophisticated, they give a few people’s perspective on a game.  Madden-School has always been all about the community, so we want to know what you think about the demo.  Please vote in the poll with 5 being the highest grade you could give and 1 being the lowest.  Make sure to also leave a detailed impression and your thoughts on the upcoming madden 12 game in the comments section below.

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