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Madden 12 Demo Impressions

madden 12 demo

The official release of madden 12 is August 30th, 2011 which is now under 2 weeks away.  Most people have had a full week to take the game for a test run by playing the demo that was released last Tuesday.  Our madden 12 forum is buzzing with discussion.  I wanted those of you who aren’t registered on our forums, but are loyal readers of madden-school to let us know what you think about the madden 12 demo.

A lot of websites give 1 man’s impression of games or demos.  If the websites are a little more sophisticated, they give a few people’s perspective on a game.  Madden-School has always been all about the community, so we want to know what you think about the demo.  Please vote in the poll with 5 being the highest grade you could give and 1 being the lowest.  Make sure to also leave a detailed impression and your thoughts on the upcoming madden 12 game in the comments section below.

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  1. Needs better presentation replays could be bettter also lighting.The (sky) like ncaa graphics could be better.

  2. still tons of glitchs . qb draw glitch , new spy blitz ect…. It kills undercenter


  4. the only good thing about it is you could roll out with the quarterback instantly instead of waiting to take control of the QB… Its hard to throw a high bullet to a receiver running a streak!!!!! it gets blocked almost all the time.

    1. no not really, you just probally did it with a short reciever, instead of devin hester with the bears try greg olsen or try greg jennings with the packers works almost every time

  5. it has made the defenses tighter and LB jump too damn high nocking down your touch passes that should drop over the zones.also for those who like too blitz, offensively you cant even get any yardage in the flats against them,because the lb fly over there so fast. It rewards people that have no stradegy .

    1. you are totally wrong about this game