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Madden 12 Review

A lot of websites do reviews on games a little different then we here at do.  This madden 12 review will focus only on gameplay and nothing else.  So if you are looking for a review about different game modes or graphics this would be a good time to leave.

Madden 12 Gameplay Review Pros:

  • The defense reacts much better than ever before in madden
  • Curls, slants and out routes are very effective
  • The offensive line blocks much better than ever before. (Almost too good)
  • Offensive line ratings seem to matter this year which is a great thing.
  • Team strengths are much more apparent.  It is much harder to pass with a team built for running and vice versa.
  • Custom playbooks will add to the uniqueness of madden 12.
  • Awareness seems to matter a little more than in past madden games but still it doesn’t mean much.
  • A few cool new plays and formations to choose from.
  • Most of the big complaints with madden 11 have been addressed and fixed.
  • Madden 12 Online Communities will make games a lot more enjoyable.

Madden 12 Gameplay Review Cons:

  • Precision pass is all over the place.  Unless you have a top tier qb you can’t really use precision pass effectively
  • Fumbles seem to occur a little too often
  • There are way too many interceptions where the defnder jumps 5 feet into their air and picks off a pass 10 yards behind him

Madden 12 is extremely frustrating for the first day or two that you play it.  Passing especially will take some time to get used to.  After the first few days, you will get used to everything and see that it is one of the better madden games in a while.  A lot of the gameplay feels similiar to how it was in the ps2 days (For those of you who weren’t playing madden back then, this is an extremely good thing).

Judging strictly on gameplay we give madden 12 a 9/10.  It takes some warming up to, but once you get used to it, you will definitly enjoy madden 12.

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12 years ago

Formation audibles gone? The slant and go route to beat press coverage gone?

12 years ago

madden 12 is one of the worste maddens ever you cant through the ball unless you have drew brees or aaron rodgers. i have an hd flatscreen and the graphics are completly terrible. the defenders magically intercept the ball whenever you through it. and theres no slants. i love using slants. i got madden about a week ago and i am already back to playing madden 11 it was a waste of 60 bucks. thank god i did not buy the gold version. this game is very frustrating and isnt even fun do yourself a favor and dont buy it. o and i more thing you cant even change difficulty.

12 years ago
Reply to  jake

LOL! Troll. There are slants. And you can change the difficulty. The LB's are way to agile and coordinated though. 1 handed picks 30 feet in the air is lame. Dropped passes happen a bit too often.

P.S. Its Throw* not through.

12 years ago

Madden 12 suckssss……. U guys need to come out with madden 13 way better than madden 12 if not aint buying that game… Best madden ever is madden 10