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Madden 12 News: Video Update

 Before we get started, it is worth mentioning that madden-school will be offering madden 12 tips as we always do for this year’s game.  With that said, EA Sports has released its first video of Madden 12 but it doesn’t reveal much.  However, we can deduce a few things from the 30 second video such as custom playbooks and team specific mascots.  You can watch the new madden 12 video below to see what you can gather for yourself:


Let us know what you think about madden 2012 in the comments section below.  What would you like to see added to madden 12?  What teams do you think will be best?  What else are you concluding from the video above?

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  1. What Madden needs more than anything is cheerleaders


  3. take out the stupid player alert in 11 and bring back the player alert from 10. put crate your own playbook in so we can use it online.

  4. They need to bring back scores from games late in 4th qt updates when you play a season or franchise mode. Why they ever got rid of that I have no idea, in this day and age they have plenty of memory space to do it.

  5. i think that yall should make the players run better like ncaa

  6. madden needs to give player there right attributes if a player is fast make em fast and like wise with slowness they just need to be more self like

  7. Madden 12 is going to be great, so make sure you keep checking for updates

  8. How bout put da hoston oilers n da game as an unlockable team.