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Surprise Onside Kick Tutorial

Madden 12 Suprise Onside Kick Tip
I know this is a fairly basic tip for many of you, but for the members who don’t already know how to do a surprise onside kick, I put together a youtube tutorial video on it. If you call surprise your opponent with this at the right time, it can be a huge momentum swing and you can steal an extra possession.  Keep in mind that you are only allowed to use this once per game so use it wisely.  If you have any questions, just leave them in the comments section below.

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    1. Sam blitz in goal line formation has been my best bet against it. Then move your linebackers and d line inward close together. You’ll have 3-5 players at the point of attack to stop the qb sneak

  2. ^^ idiot pick any play that has a qb spy and it shoulld be a LB mostly likely dont pick him and if he runs he should get him if he isnt blocked

  3. You could also use an inside blitz to make the o-line pick it up and if they dont then they chase the qb to the outside and let the olb and safety's make the play, of course working a spy would work unless it is a designed run with some sort of a pulling blocker.

  4. what play is the best to stop a run

  5. how do you make both players dive for the ball in blocking the field goal

  6. do it at 100% and get as accurate as you can. works 4/5 times for me and has helped me seal the deal with many games

  7. None of u guys think its gay u can do it? I mean think bout it if Therese nothing wrong with it y can u only do it once in a game? Enough said to all that uses this kick u r all cheaters

  8. To get the onside kicks usually 95./. Of the time I take the the arrow and skinny it up and them use as less power as possible