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Madden 11 Tips: Singleback Bunch: Seattle

Madden-School is pleased to bring our users another free Madden 11 Tip.  This play can be found in most popular playbooks but for the purposes of the video, we used the Washington Redskins offensive playbook.  It is effective with any team on any difficulty level.  This tip is brought to you by skinsnation.

Formation: Singleback Bunch

Play: Seattle

Setup: Motion your outside wide receiver in the bunch out to the right


  1. Against zone defense quick pass to the receiver that you motioned out to the sideline
  2. Against man defense, quick pass to the Y/Triangle Receiver or wait and pass to the A/X Receiver

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  1. If you motion the slot receiver to the outside, it sometimes opens up a big hole for the #1 receiver.

  2. Works good if you have another play with the same motion so they aren't sitting on this one after running it once or twice.

    1. Absolutely right, one of the plays to hit them with if you have it and most do with SB BUNCH is STICK, you smart route that corner route and motion him out just like with verts, you get an unbumpable as well.
      I just wanted to give credit where credit is due, with my version I run shallow with the STICK route vs man coverage.

      Great job MADDEN SCHOOL!

  3. i use the redskin and this is a great play but be careful not to over use