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Madden 11 Tips- HB Off Tackle

Today we bring you a tip out of the STL Playbook in Madden 11.  This play needs no adjustments and will have you picking up chunks of yardage on the ground.  The strong flex formation is rarely used but it contains some very good runs such as the one in the video below:

Play: Strong Flex- HB Off Tackle

Setup: (Optional) Slide protect whichever way you like best

Reads: Just follow your blockers and cut it up field

Overview: You should get a solid 5-7 yard gain every time you run this play.  Don’t overuser it because it can be stopped if your opponent knows that it is coming.

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  1. good job guys, and I am not sure why more and more people are not using this formation. This is a great play, and this is a great formation not only for the run game, but the pass game as well. The formation itself allows one to get a pre snap read on the defense and we all now how important that is. You can also find a similar play within the RAMS book in the ACE PR TWINS formation, another nice formation in its own right.

    1. Problem here is not the play, but we can't use it in our own playbook, cuz we are stuck to only 1 playbook per game…..and we don't want to use a different playbook for just 1 play, but the real problem is Madden 11
      itself………….where is the option to create our own play? It used to be there in every other version of Madden untill this latest version. Good we have the Gameplanning option now, but still you can only use plays from 1 playbook only.

  2. what level you got it on? If I try this on all-madden its good for -2 yards every time

    1. cause you suck at life…i ran it 4 times in 1 game…all were 40+ runs…with the bucs btw…

      1. Well on all madden it's different than all pro forces you to play all ranked matches all pro, so of course you'd run this play all day like a fag

        1. if its works why not run it till u or someone can stop it if it aint broke dont fix it ur the fag for complaing….u would really hate playing me i won 28-0 against someonr rated higher than me runnin the ball 85% of the time with frank gore and with the Eagles the wildcat cannot b stopped period. i hate babies who complain boo hoo

  3. to stop this here is 43 over qb contain crash the d.l show blitz user with the free safety bring he up behide the dt and come right through untouch!