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Madden 11 Tips- Great Running Play is doing a series of free Madden 11 Tips.  This first tip takes no adjustments at all and you can use it with any team.  In the video below, we demonstrate a consistant run that gets you positive yardage with big play potential.  This play is by no means a gamebreaker.  It is just a play that works well that you can mix in with a scheme that you already have.

Playbooks: Run N Gun and Others

Formation: Strong Tight

Play: HB Stretch

All you have to do is follow your blockers.  You can bounce it outside or cut up the field at any time. A simple yet effective play.  Watch the video below to see it demonstrated properly.

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  1. really?? 1/2 da time u bounced in arent u supossed to follow ur blockers

  2. nice running play. Hell if u had any stick u would be going to house a lot

  3. u follow ur blockers untill a hole pops up,on any running play, trust i'm the master no one can beat me im still running 150 on all madden

    1. mark-Ummm i can lol im running 320 ON AVERAGE on all madden and or online im a fucking beast ive also won 7 comptitions So beat that!!

  4. @ Mark- dude i think anyone can get 150+ yards on All Madden… how about playing someone online and get better results.. plus try playing against a team with a top notch D…

  5. I need all the help I can get. I brought my ps3 about 7 months ago. I have probably beat the all madden level 3 times, i need all the help i can get.

    1. If you have a fast quarterback it makes offense a whole lot easier on your life. Lets say you pass out of shotgun a lot you might as well use five wide outs because the coverage on All Madden is very very tough. Once you see that all the recievers are covered take off along the sidelines or up the middle if all possible. Once the defense sees they have to cover the quarterback too they will start stepping up and that will open up the deep pass for big gains. And if you run the ball and plan on getting big gains the offset eye is the way to go, because the fullback can get to the linebackers a split second sooner and thats all the time you need to get a big gain.

  6. Go to singleback normal and find halfback smash, it gets your hb to the hole fast and is good for 2point conversions

  7. yall all are crazy playing the game and playing on line is two different things first off all running back don't run that fast and second the linebackers are faster then ur lineman so they blow up the hole, takeing away the speed burst was the worst thing every

  8. Taking away the speed burst is what makes the game real players run at the speed they would run in a real game.