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Madden 11 Strategy Pad Optional!

Breaking News: EA Spots has released a new blog stating that the old style controls used in previous madden’s will be patched in for optional use in Madden 11.  The madden 11 strategy pad causes pre-snap adjustments take much longer and they are all controlled on the D-pad.

Hardcore madden gamers everywhere are rejoicing.  Many madden-school members where thinking about not even picking up this year’s madden game because of the strategy pad.  With this news, many longtime and old-fashioned madden enthusiasts will now pick up madden 11.  The featured will be patched in sometime around a month after the game comes out because it has to pass third party approval, but this news is still good news nonetheless.

Stay tuned for more news.

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  1. That is great news.. Strat pad is a hot mess!

  2. Yeah, no reason to change something so familiar and fluid as presnap adjustments,good to know you are listening EA.

  3. Great news pre snap adjustments are much needed and need to be quick and fluid as possible

  4. Good, i wasnt even going to buy madden this year. I have been playing madden for years.

  5. Yall are just ignorant. You dont seem to think of the other things. For one, the only reason people are mad is because of change, they have to learn something new. News for you these things are tested all the time and if you stick with it, then you will learn it and be good just like before and probably realize it is faster as well. I like the new system. Another thing that no one realizes is what goes into a game. A lot of files and space to take up on a disc. maybe its the change of moving the presnap shifts to the D-pad that makes it possible for them to add in the receivers staying in bounds on the sideline or anything else they need to update. You might say that they are sending a patch for the optional old style of play, but that will be stored on the hard drive, not the disc. everyone needs to accept the changes. Lets go back a few years to the vision. everyone complained, I liked it and thought it was very real. It gave me more control. Its funny how you get all these madden heads complaining about new features. Maybe your really not such a good gamer anyway if you cant adapt to change.

  6. Thank you Joseph, couldn’t have said it better myself

  7. Joesph and Chris,
    heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllll nooooo. I just played madden 11 for 15 minutes and immiedately turned it off thinking about returning it, and I own every madden since 1992. The strategy pad makes the game slow and for people to use the same weak play over and over again. You need quick defensive hot routes to make it a good game. Madden 10 was excellent, so why mess with it???

  8. tha d-pad is not that bad. it took some gettn used to, but once u master the combination of pad and analog stick, it works great. u know, i thought all the hardcore gamers would have seen this coming from gameinformer magizine and downloaded tha demo to get ready for the release of 11 so they could be on top of tha rest, but i guess not. last, if gives those who are not that good an oppurtunity 2 compete on a different level.