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Maddenholics Elite Madden 11 Tips

Madden is a game that is constantly changing.  There are roster updates, gameplay patches, and system updates.  In order to be the best in Madden 11, you need to be constantly changing, adapting, and learning new things. With the opening of the section, you get new Madden 11 tips, cheats, and strategy updates every week from some of the best Madden gamers in the country.

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You Will Dominate Your Opponent Without Ever Going Into Practice Mode
Madden is a game of skill that takes hours upon hours of time to master.  Whether you have a full-time job, you go to school, or you just aren’t very good at Madden, we can help you.  How many sleepless nights do you have to spend trying to find that perfect defense or that great running play before you call it quits?  Practicing over and over again takes the fun out of the game. For the price of a movie ticket and popcorn, you can stop practicing forever.

Click Here for a full list of all the perks that come with Maddenholics tips section

 Weekly Updates Actually Mean Weekly Updates!
Many of our competitors, promise weekly updates, then they get tired or they skip a week.  As long as you are paying for weekly updates, we will keep providing them coming.  We update every sunday evening or before.  We do not make you wait.  Our updates are plays that work! All plays, glitches, tips, and cheats are first tested in online ranked games, against tournament players, and tested offline on all-madden difficulty level.  If you found it on Maddenholics, it works!

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Note: Madden Vault lifetime members send a pm to modrewgnu on the madden-school forums so you can be setup with an account on the new weekly tips website.

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  1. Hey fellow madden gamers! I just got madden 2011 & I'm lovin it so far other than one thing! I hate how they changed on defense they way you used to be able to tighen down your defense and make it look like you were blitzing. I think you used to have to press (on ps3) triangle/ then down on the D pad. Can you still do this some how?? Let me know! Thanx!

    1. You have to use the D-Pad and it will let you change the DL alignment and the Secondary alignment too. It is supposed to make it faster and move convent but takes a little getting used too.

  2. Yes you can, you press down to open up the strategy pad, press up to go into coverages, and then "show blitz" should be in there somewhere, probably down on the d-pad, whereas down on the left stick will actually audible into press coverage instead of just disguising

    1. After the touchdown its the computer that controls it but if you want to showboat into the endzone you have to be far enough away from the defender and just hold down "B"

    1. A Tampa 2 or cover 2 is intended to take care of any out routes, but be carefull it opens the post corner or flag routes up big time.

    2. Man with CB's with ACC or Cover 2

  3. and what defense best stops the over the middle deep

    1. 2 possibilities, man cover 2, which locks up the recievers on the outside while playing the two safety's over the top. Or my favorite is a using a rober formation. Initially it looks like cover 2 but when the ball is snapped one safety comes down to cover the middle of the field while the other gets the over the top middle. the idea is to confuse the offense to thinking its cover 2 but really its not. Hope this helps.

    2. man corerage with a fast safety in zone coverage over the top.

  4. anybody have the xbox to ps3 controller translations?

  5. Can anyone tell me if you can use the headset while playing offline or is it only for online play

  6. Show Blitz is any directional button, Up, Left

  7. anyone know great defensive plays to use against the run? no matter who the running back

    1. 4-3 Free Fire, 4-6 man 2 deep, 3-3-5 (believe it or not) loop crash — control D line instead of allowing to drop into zone coverage

  8. hey gamers, i keep tryin to play my friends head on head and it never lets it work……any ideas on how i can play one of my friends in a head to head matchup?