Madden is a game that is constantly changing.  There are roster updates, gameplay patches, and system updates.  In order to be the best in Madden 11, you need to be constantly changing, adapting, and learning new things. With the opening of the section, you get new Madden 11 tips, cheats, and strategy updates every week from some of the best Madden gamers in the country.

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You Will Dominate Your Opponent Without Ever Going Into Practice Mode
Madden is a game of skill that takes hours upon hours of time to master.  Whether you have a full-time job, you go to school, or you just aren’t very good at Madden, we can help you.  How many sleepless nights do you have to spend trying to find that perfect defense or that great running play before you call it quits?  Practicing over and over again takes the fun out of the game. For the price of a movie ticket and popcorn, you can stop practicing forever.

Click Here for a full list of all the perks that come with Maddenholics tips section

 Weekly Updates Actually Mean Weekly Updates!
Many of our competitors, promise weekly updates, then they get tired or they skip a week.  As long as you are paying for weekly updates, we will keep providing them coming.  We update every sunday evening or before.  We do not make you wait.  Our updates are plays that work! All plays, glitches, tips, and cheats are first tested in online ranked games, against tournament players, and tested offline on all-madden difficulty level.  If you found it on Maddenholics, it works!

Check it out for yourself:

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