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Madden 11 Player Ratings

During the 2010 NFL Draft, Donny Moore (aka the guy in charge of player ratings) released his preliminary ratings for this year’s rookie class.  It seems that the players were rated well before the draft even started.  Players that fell in the draft seemed to still have high ratings based on mock drafts and publicity.  A key example of this is Demaryius Thomas being drafted 2 spots ahead of Dez Bryant.  Thomas’ rating is 74 overall while Bryant’s rating is 80 overall.  A 6 point overall differential is huge in madden. 

Mel Kiper, Todd McShay and mock draft experts have way too much influence on the preliminary madden ratings.  NFL general managers who know what they are doing should be used as the guide for how to rank madden rookies, not a talking head on ESPN.  After the first or second roster update of the next season, things should sort themselves out and the rookies who deserve the high ratings should get them.

  • St. Louis – Sam Bradford – QB, Oklahoma – 80
  • Detroit – Ndamukong Suh – DT, Nebraska – 85
  • Tampa Bay – Gerald McCoy – DT, Oklahoma – 84
  • Washington – Trent Williams – OT, Oklahoma – 79
  • Kansas City – Eric Berry – S, Tenn., – 85
  • Seattle – Russell Okung – T, Okla. St. – 85
  • Cleveland – Joe Haden – CB, Fla. – 79
  • Oakland – Rolando McClain – MLB, Alabama – 79
  • Buffalo – CJ Spiller – RB, Clemson – 79
  • Jacksonville – Tyson Alualu – DT, Cal – 65
  • San Francisco – Anothony Davis – OT, Rutgers – 75
  • San Diego – Ryan Matthews – RB, Fresno State – 77
  • Philladelphia – Brandon Graham – OLB, Michigan – 78
  • Seattle – Earl Thomas – S, Texas – 81
  • New Yourk Giants – Jason Pierre-Paul – DE, USF – 79
  • Tennessee – Derrick Morgan – DE, Ga. Tech – 79
  • San Francisco – Mike Iupati – OL, Idaho – 84
  • Pittsburgh – Maurkice Pouncey – OL, Fla. – 76
  • Atlanta – Sean Weatherspoon – LB, Mizzou – 75
  • Houston – Kareem Jackson – CB, Alabama – 70
  • Cincinnatti – Jermaine Gresham – TE, Okla. – 78
  • Denver – Demaryius Thomas – WR, Ga. Tech – 74
  • Green Bay – Bryan Bulaga – OL, Iowa – 78
  • Dallas – Dez Bryant – WR, Okla St – 80
  • Denver – Tim Tebow – QB, Fla. – 70
  • Arizona – Dan Williams – DT, Tenn. – 76
  • New England Devin McCourty – CB, Rutgers – 74
  • Miami – Jared Odrick – DT, Penn State – 76
  • New York Jets – Kyle Wilson – CB, Boise State – 76
  • Detroit – Javhid Best – RB, Cal – 74
  • Indianapolis – Jerry Hughes – DE, TCU – 74
  • New Orleans – Patrick Robinson – CB, Florida State – 75

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  1. His name is Donny Moore. His name is Donny Moore. His name is Donny Moore. His name is Robert Paulson. His name is Robert Paulson. [FIGHT CLUB VOICE LOL]

    No, really. His name is Donny Moore. Peter Moore is the CEO of EA Sports.

  2. why is sam bradford better than matt stafford? thats dumb

  3. I believe this is the year for the Cowboy players. The Cowboys have worked hard. They have come close recently. I really think this is the year.

    1. u thought it was dey starters could even get a touch down on da texans. MCNABB AND DEM REDSKINS

  4. Rating the Madden players based on is really not the solution to your problem. While I definetly agree that ESPN have too great of an influence on rookie player ratings, several of the league’s GMs are by far worse. I mean look at last year when the Raiders selected DHB over Michael Crabtree…look at 90% of Matt Millen’s draft picks with the Lions. A lot of the differences in player ratings have to do with NFL value vs video game value. Dez Bryant is by far the physically superior reciever to Thomas which gives him higher ratings in Madden, he was picked later not because he is a worse player but because of character/discipline concerns which hurt his potential future value to an NFL team.

    The new Madden Rating system even addresses this in its Potential ratings. While Thomas will most likely have A potential, allowing him to advance and increase ratings fairly easily, Dez Bryant is looked at with lower potential due to the character concerns (ala Jamarcus Russel) and will most likely not have A potential. In a few years Thomas may have a higher rating than Bryant, but that does not change the fact that Bryant is the better reciever right now, and is graded as such.

  5. WTF….ea had done it again. where is 2k when you need them….

  6. Tim Tebow is over rated. He should be around a 60 rating. He’s never going to start, and they only drafted him to make jersey sales.

  7. dont hate on tebow until you see what he can do…………..he was only one of college football greatest players with a national championship………………………