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Gameflow and Gameplanning in Madden 11

One of the problems noticed by the developers of Madden was that each playbook includes 350 plays, but the average madden player chooses around only 15 plays per game.   335 plays go to waste, partly because players are too lazy to try out new plays and partly because the hardcore madden players know what plays work and what plays are simply waste of a playcall.  EA Sports believes that gamers are not calling a wide variety of plays because they don’t understand them.  A simple hb dive play isnt hard to figure out.  Madden gamers don’t call the play because it never works.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  Madden gamers are neither stupid nor are they insane.   If a play doesn’t work a few times, they won’t call that play again.  If a play doesn’t work in the NFL, it is rarely called again and often scrapped completly from the playbook.  Instead they will call a play that they know works or at least has a chance of being successful.

Ultimately this comes down to gameplay.  No run in the nfl works like hb offtackle or certain toss plays in madden 10, while no run play in the nfl is as pointless as certain run plays in madden 10.  EA Sports needs to take note; Fix the gameplay, and the rest will take care of itself.  People will call more plays, the game will appeal to more people, and ultimately more games will sell.

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  1. i felt like a was at an A.A. Meeting when you said The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, lol this has nothing to do wit the topic but i just had to say that lol ha ha

  2. IVe been playing Madden since 1996. Its the only reason I got into console gaming. And Ive owned every Madden game since. Actually, Madden taught me alot about pro ball over the years. My gameplay has changed as well over the years. In passing I would usually throw to the same WR,even when he wasnt really open and hope for the best. Now I got through my progressions in the passing game. Sometimes knowing where my open WR will be after reading the D,which Ive also gotton better at over the years. If I see blitz I will audible to a shotgun formation or choose an outside run based on what side the blitz is coming from if I can. Point is, Ive learned over the years to use my entire playbook rather than run the the same 5 to 8 plays over and over. Yea there are some I dont use at all. But Im a technical type of player. I dont play Madden like street ball. In fact thats why I play Madden,because its been the most realistic pro ball game out there. Especially nowdays. I know about the glitches,hate them as well. But thats what happens when they only have so much time year after year I think. I use the clock,I like to drive the field when I can, kee the offense off the field,limit thier TOP. First down to first down. Unless I need that quick score. I just dont want to see the game cater to players that cant play. And dont learn the game or playbook. If your looking for a street type of game,play Madden arcade or some other game like the old NFL BLitz. I think they EA needs to make the game harder. I hear that “fight for every yard” on this game. But the flats still too easy. No Madden gamer playing with right difficulty settings should be able to score 70-80 points a game. Even against the computer. Thats crazy!! At same time I dont think the computer should be cheating either,like skipping animations to catch a WR heading for paydirt. Thats wrong. I think they need to look at the setting adjustments as well. Not to have sliding bars. Go back ..all pro. and loose the all madden level as its never been like real NFL game speed. Loose the game spped sliders as well. Set it at one pace and leave it. NFL game speed period at each level. Dont make things more complicated like all these slider bars. You can either run the ball or you cant. Its up to the player to learn the game. Most Madden players have played this game for years. Let the game show that. If your new and just starting at a rook or pro level. By catering to players that cant play and making it abandoning the players that are looking for a realistic NFL game,and know the game. Heres and idea..put out two version of Madden. Madden casual game for ones that want to play street ball type game and Madden Advanced..for those of us who know how plays work. Just a thought. I think the game needs to be tougher all around. Im almost tired of winning all the time! Peace!

  3. I agree with this guy^, the flat is too easy and some toss plays are unstoppable, thats not realistic. There’s no way a guy is gonna hit 15 or more yards everytime he runs a toss. Fix that. And the game is too easy. Forget the ppl who cant play. If u dont know madden yet, you never will. Or u better just up your skills quick and adjust.