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Madden 11 Playbooks

Madden-School has released every Madden 11 playbook on Offense.  Some of the highlights for Madden 11 seem to be Green Bay, Dallas, Atlanta, Denver, Houston, and New England.  We will let you decide for yourself.  We have uploaded all 38 offensive playbooks to our youtube channel.

From my initial impression, my guess is 3% new formations and 15% new plays.  Not as much change as I would hope for, but it is better than nothing.  Some new formations include Singleback Flip Trips, and Bronco Heavy. Be ready for Madden 11 the day it drops.  Choose your playbook before it comes out.  To see every offensive playbook in Madden 11 check out our YouTube channel.

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  1. These playbooks are awesome. Thanks for getting them done. Anyway you could redo the Texans playbook? I've noticed that there are some plays missing from SB Ace Twins and I-form Close. Thanks Again

  2. these playbooks are simply the greatest i have ever seen. a serious broncos fan question for the playbooks is whether they put in the wild horse formation. if you could find that out that would be fantastic. thank you

  3. Houston's playbook works great i use it online i like using Run in Gun ' Slot Cross works almost every time the slot reciever runs open. VERY HARD TO COVER. U will thnk me later.