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Back to Madden-School Tournament will be giving away $100 in cash the weekend of August 14th and 15th.  The Back to tournament will feature some of the top ballers from all around the country.  A total of 128 gamers will be competing for the prize money (64 per system).  Madden-School has always been about free Madden tips, but we are expanding into free madden tournaments with real prize money.  The tournament is first come first serve. Sign-ups opened today for the tournament. 

The Playstation 3 tournament will start at 3 pm Eastern Time on Saturday, August 14th.  You must be in the Madden-School chatbox 15 minutes prior to the tournament starting.  Rounds advance every hour.  We have a lot of skilled gamers on the Playstation 3, so the competition will be stiff. To sign-up, visit our PS3 tournaments page

The XBOX 360 tournament will start at 3 pm eastern time on Sunday, August 15th.  Once again, you must be present in the Madden-School chatbox 15 minutes prior to the tournament to compete.  Our XBOX 360 section has been consistently growing over the years, and we are now the proud home of some of the top 360 ballers as well.  To sign-up, visit our XBOX 360 Tournaments Page

Come compete against the best at Madden-School for free money.  If you are looking for competitive but cheat-free games, madden-school is the place for you.  More info and complete rules can be found on our madden forums

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