The Madden 10 Exclusive demo has been released today to those gamers that bought their copy of Madden 2010 from gamestop. The first impression of the demo has been overwhelmingly positive compared to the impressions of the NCAA Football 10 Demo.

This madden game looks to be the most realistic one in a long time, and many gamers who have boycotted madden for a long time have pledged to buy this year’s madden.

I have heard from our buddies at that there is a way to dowload the full, 5 minute quarter demo without actually purchasing the code, but we don’t have details on that. Check them out for more information on it. If you desperatly want the demo but you didn’t pre-order, give a visit and they may be able to help you.

Leave your impression of the demo and your thoughts towards madden 10 in a comment below.