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Madden 10 Cover Boys

 The madden 10 cover athletes were announced a few months ago, but enough time has passed for us to revist the topic.   The release of the madden cover with 2 players on it is something that has never been done before.  Maybe this will spread the madden curse to two people.  Hopefully, it will eliminate  the madden curse all together and 5 years from now, we can laugh with our friends about the madden curse.

Larry Fitzgerald and Troy Polomalu both act as the heart of their respective teams.   The Steelers and Cardinals are projected to be twon of the most used teams in this year’s game.  EA Sports really couldn’t pick any better athletes to dawn the madden 10 cover, with the theme, “Fight For Every Yard.”

The madden video game series is wildly popular among NFL athletes.  It is a huge accomplishment for an athlete to be named t0 the cover of any major video game.  Even with the murmurs of the madden curse, very few players would turn down the oppurtunity to be in the company of the elite players who were on the cover before. 

Congratulations Troy and Larry on your amazing accomplishments!

Fitzy and Troy

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