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Free Madden 11 Mini-Guide

Madden-School is pleased to announce that we have put together a 7 play mini-guide on the west coast offense that is free to everyone.  It is our way of saying thanks for stopping by our website.

To download your free mini-guide on the Near formation in the West Coast Playbook click the link below:
Download Your Free Mini Guide For PC Now

Download Your Free Mini Guide For Mac Now

This guide was brought to you for free courtesy of our madden advisor PeytonMVPManning.

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  1. Im having trouble downloading the E Book. Can anyone help me?

  2. im having trouble downloading the e book to

  3. these are pretty nice, very conservative but im not complaining being there free. i dont suggest anyone runs their offense purely out of this formation, but each one is money for 3rd down. i like the West Coast because it has verticals which I know a nice hot route that works in zone and man, so just look for other things you might like to go along with the near formation (this e-book)