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Madden 10 Complete Rookie Ratings

The complete list of all the rookies that will be included in Madden 10 at the release date and their detailed ratings. 

Madden 10 Complete Rookie Ratings

Some Notable Ratings:

  • Rey Maualuga (80 overall) –  Best middle linebacker in this madden class
  • Duke Robinson (80 overall)- Guard-163 overall pick in the draft
  • Matt Stafford (79 overall)- 1st overall pick in the draft
  • Michael Ray Garvin (48 overall)- Lowest rated rookie in the game

It doesn’t make a lot of sense how the 163rd pick has a higher rating than the first overall pick.  Hopefully they will tweak the rating a little before the actualy release.  Enjoy!

Madden 10 Complete Rookie Ratings

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  1. Just incase anyones wondering,

    Crabtrees #1 with an 84 overall. Pettigrew has a 81.

  2. Actually Duke Robinson was touted to be the best guard in the draft. He fell to the 5th round, as did Herman Johnson. Where he was selected shouldn’t have a thing to do with the ratings. Duke was an absolute steal for the Panthers.

  3. Just cuz the guy was touted before the draft, shouldn’t justify his overall rating. A 5th round pick being higher than the first overall pick is ridiculous. Teams passed on him for a reason. no 5th round pick should ever be rated above 4 guys who went in the top 10

  4. You can’t claim that he is a better player, because you do not know that. You may think he is a better player, but 31 nfl teams didn’t use any of there first 4 picks on him, which means, that he is not anywhere near the best player in the draft.

  5. I didn’t say he was the best player in the draft. Neither you or I know the reasoning as to why he fell. It could be that he is not a versatile player, it could be work ethic issues. But obviously EA feels he is an 80 ovr. If he goes down then the rest of the guards should go down as well because you haven’t given any reason as to why he shouldn’t be an 80 ovr besides the fact that he fell, you mention nothing of his game.

  6. I do not know enough about him as a player, as i do not watch much college football and I certainly don’t break down offensive line play within college football. All I know is that a late 5th round selection shouldnt be an 80 overall. The nfl scouts know enough about his game, and they felt that his game wasnt good enough to go in the first 160 picks.

  7. That is a valid point but like I said we don’t know why he fell. He was a projected 2nd round pick, and then subsequently fell. There is no question that he is a skillful player, and a steal at the 163rd pick. But I think perhaps what your saying holds more weight to as to how these players are rated as a whole, not Robinson himself as a player, because he is a beast of a guard and could just as easily went sooner in the draft. Maybe they saw flaws in his game or maybe he fell because thats how the draft was going, other positions may have been getting thinner, so teams went for the needy picks instead of BPA. We won’t really know.

  8. Ya I think that is what i am saying. Robinson is a beast of a player from what little I have seen from him, however I think the madden ratings system, (rookies specifically) needs to be revamped a little more.

  9. I can agree with that. Personally I think the rookie WRs get a little too much love. Unless they are absolute physical freaks like Calviin Johnson the transition from college to pro as a WR is pretty difficult. It usually takes 3 years for a WR to fully develop.