Download every team’s madden 10 rating:

Madden 10 Team Ratings

Some Notable Teams:

  • Patriots: 93 overall (Best team in the game)
  • Lions: 65 overall (Worst team in the game)
  • Steelers: 92 overall (Superbowl Champions)
  • Bucs: 74 overall (17 point drop from last year)
  • Dolphins: 77 overall (Lowest rating of any team to make the playoffs)

How do you feel about your team’s rating?  Most people think there team is underrated every year.  These ratings seem fairly accurate for it being the preseason.

Madden 10 Team Ratings

You can sort them through excel as you please to rank them from first to last or last to first overall.  They are listed in alphabetical order as they are now.