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Lamar Jackson’s Unique X-Factor Ability In Madden 21 Is Called “Truzz”

Madden 21 cover athlete Lamar Jackson will have a unique X-Factor ability in Madden 21 called “Truzz.” We don’t know exactly what it will do yet but we know it will be a running ability and to activate it, you need to rush for at least 1 yard 8 times in a game.

If you look at the screenshot at the top of the article, you can see his new X-Factor ability and how to activate it.

“Truzz” was used last year by the Baltimore Ravens as a word that encouraged and promoted team unity.

Jackson’s new Truz ability is one of 50 new superstar and x-factor abilities coming to Madden 21.

For gamers who plan to use Lamar Jackson in Madden 21, you won’t have to worry about fumbling nearly as much as you did in Madden 20.

In previous Madden games, anytime you’d run with a quarterback, you had an extremely high chance of fumbling if you didn’t slide or get out of bounds.

EA Sports has announced a significant reduction of QB fumbles in Madden 21 for all games modes and game styles except when you play on All-Madden Competitive.

Keep in mind though that fatigue will matter more than ever. If your quarterback is tired, he will have a much higher chance of fumbling.

There is plenty of news trickling out about Madden 21 including zone drops and personnel based audibling and as more information about the game comes out, we will be the first to pass it along!

What do you think the “Truzz” ability will do in Madden 21? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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4 years ago

Truzz X-Factor probably means that any time the Ravens play the Titans all Ravens players lose 15pts to their overall and Jackson takes an automatic loss.

4 years ago

Just make sure he fumbles like madden 20, A LOT!!!!

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