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Improving Your Madden Game

Are you sick of having a losing record? Do you wonder how someone ever reached a skill level 30? Just starting out and having trouble keeping up with your opponents? Sure there are those few “bum hunters” and “glitchers” who expose the flaws of the game. Don’t be that guy. Follow these tips and you will be on your way to being an elite Madden gamer.

Scratch the ideas of rocket catching, nano’s and running up the scoreboard with 70 points a game. Those things will come as you gradually up your skills. Keep it simple. Learn your team. Master your playbook. Play defense. Most people have a favorite team or a handful of teams they play with on a regular basis. Really study your depth chart. Know your starters, key substitutions, and your diamond in the rough players. Just because a guy is rated 69 overall doesn’t necessarily mean he is useless. Use substitutions at the play call menu and don’t overuse your best players. Sure, you can run the same toss play or air out in shotgun all game. Don’t. Not only does this make you predictable, it gives your opponent the edge. Master your playbook. Use multiple plays out of multiple formations to keep your opponent on his heels. Run the ball to multiple sides of the field. Pass the ball to multiple recievers. Set up your playaction by running the ball. You get the idea, mix it up on offense.

All that is nice but defense wins the game people. Scoring on every drive is nice and all, but it is overall useless if your opponent is doing the same. One of the easiest defensive advantages, yet not always used in online play is picking your defensive play after the offense picks thier play. Never pick your play until you see what package thier in. Pay attention to play call habits and overused plays. Learn your run stoppers and learn your pass stoppers.

Remember, you can only get better. Get out there and play! Don’t let a loss or a losing streak get in your way. Stick with your gameplan with minor tweaks as you go and I guarantee improvement. We here at Madden-School take pride in beating our opponents while keeping it respectful. Feel free to roam our forums for more tips and to join chatbox for some great competition.

Written by Madden-School Staff Writer LayinWood

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  1. Wow!! This is a really great article. This should help out alot of gamers that are struggling. Sometimes I get away from my gameplan and turn the ball over that is why I lose most games. Great article!

  2. This is a good article. I feel like people who are just starting at the game do all the stuff you said not to do. I have lots of friends who play 77-70 games and think they are just amazing on offense. Playing good defense and smart bend but don’t break defense is the most important advice in madden. Capitalizing on the other person’s mistakes is also very important as well. If they throw that errant pass one must be able to pounce on the ball and force turnovers.

  3. Very well written article by our newest staff writer, layinwood

  4. awesome stuff, man. and for everyone — remember, MS is the best.

  5. totally true, try to pick ur plays as if ur in a real game, confuse the coach and make him believe ur running for a EX: a toss play that youve run alot with success, then the next time u use that formation, let him adjust his guys to blitz, and then go with playaction, if he doesnt adjust keep running, plus its important to always win the turnover battle, its crucial to ur success, dont get pissed, dont make mistakes, and u wiilll win with good D and solid O

  6. You call this strategy or tips? Come on man, you're rambling about things everyone should know. If you're going to give strategies on football, you might as well be specific. Like, "Never use sprint unless in open field". Give out a few plays that actually work in madden because many plays don't work. Give out x's and o's on offense plays vs defensive plays. Be more specific and creative. Don't just ramble.

  7. sounds good but when others use glitches online like that fumble glitch and others it makes me so mad i cant do anything i dont want to cheat

  8. this article is good, but i will now always be undefeated at madden 11
    112-0 thats my record wooooooo

  9. Most helpful article on the net I appreciate those who wrote that I just started playing Madden and this will really help me thanks very much!