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New Run Blocking Features in Madden 11

After checking out EA Sport’s website, I came across a blog by Mike Scatlebury about the new blocking features in Madden 11. The blog stated that the run game is going to be greatly affected by the blocking.  This makes good sense to me because the best of backs would be nothing without decent blocking (Except Barry Sanders those lions teams were horrible). There are a lot of different blocking schemes in the league so ea has focused in on core running plays some of the plays shown are Power O, Counters, And Inside Zone. This will bring more attention to the offensive line which is great. The big fellows deserve some love. They are so often over looked in Madden because a lot of running games are based strictly off the running backs speed rating.

The new run blocking features will make running teams just as effective as the big play passing teams that have those speed receivers and tight ends. Teams that will benefit from this the most are the dual back teams like Dallas, Carolina, Baltimore and a few others. The run game is going to be a major issue in the game now because of these new additions.  With rumors of the run commit on defense being brought back the way things are looking old school smash mouth football may be back in style.

Written by Moore’s Pats

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14 years ago

i really like how madden is changing.. cant wait till it releases

the run game is getting more and more better