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Deangelo Williams Madden Highlight


The Carolina Panthers have long been an under-used madden team.   With offensive tools like Jonathan Stewart, Deangelo Williams, Steve Smith and a good offensive line, the defense is always guessing.   Do madden gamers choose to use other teams because of a sub par defense?

On the other side of the ball they have a great front 7 lead by superstars like Julius Peppers and John Beason. The secondary is a little thin but when you can control the game with 2 great running backs, an offensive line, and one of the best wide receivers in the game, you shouldn’t need to have an amazing defense. 

With all that talent, I decided to give them a try in practice mode.  I was casually labbing a few plays with the Carolina Panthers and a new playbook when I realized how good of a running team the Panthers are in Madden 10.  I had not used Deangelo Williams all year, instead I had always used the Jacksonville Jaguars with Maurice Jones-Drew.  Below is a youtube video of the first running play I labbed.  

Deangelo Williams shows why he is one of the best running backs in the league:

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  1. Very cool article and a great video. Deangelo Williams is the MAN!

  2. Im suprised that a lot of madden players don’t use this team it’s so easy to run with deangelo and stewart they can easily get you 100 yards rushing.

  3. Panthers are beast, you know I know this (they’re my team). The defense is a top 10 NFL D, and they play like it in Madden. I know our offense got better for 2011, but we lost some key defensive players and it is important we get them replaced, or adapt to the loss.

    p.s. – awesome D Will graphic, I would love that in a signature.