Ever since we went over how effective Strong Close is in Madden 16, everyone seems to be using it online.  Today, we are going over a way to completely shut the play down in the backfield for a big loss.

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You can check out the full breakdown below.

Playbook: Most 4-3 Playbooks (I’m using Seattle)

Formation: 4-3 Over Plus

Play: Preferably a base zone coverage play (cover 2, cover 3, cover 4, etc.)


  • It’s recommended that you have your fastest DL at the DT spot that will be shooting the gap to maximize the effect


  • Crash the defensive line to the right
  • After the snap, as soon as you see the DT penetrate into the backfield, click on and make the tackle. (NOTE: If you do not click on, your DT will not make the tackle)

Overview: With the return of toss plays, learning how to stop them has become even more important in Madden 16. One way that’s illustrated here is stacking the DL over the offensive lineman who will be pulling, resulting in a defensive tackle shooting through the gap untouched for a loss.

Nothing will make your opponent more hesitant to run Quick Toss after seeing you shoot through untouched for a 6 yard loss.

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