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How To Do The Madden 21 Flea Flicker Trick

In today’s member’s only Film Room tip, we are going over how to properly execute the Madden 21 Flea Flicker Glitch.

This works on both current gen and next gen consoles but is more effective on current gen.

Please keep in mind this is an incredibly high risk/high reward play so only use it when you really need to.

If you do it right, you should get a touchdown pretty consistently.

Playbook: Any

Formation: Any

Play: Any Passing Play

Pre-Snap Setup:

  1. Hot route your running back to a swing route
  2. Hot route your other wide receivers to curl routes
  3. (Optional) Block your tight end
  4. Double team the outside most rusher on the right

Post Snap Execution:

  1. Once you snap the ball, roll out to the right and bullet pass to your running back on the swing route
  2. Immediately after you catch the pass, lateral the ball back to your QB by pressing LB/L1
  3. Once you catch the lateral with your QB, immediately pass the ball to one of your receivers on the curl route

Overview: This play is techinically against NFL rules since you have 2 forward passes. Make sure in your original pass to the running back that he catches it behind the line of scrimmage.

We’ll walk you through how it is supposed to look step by step below.

This is an example of one way to set this play up.

Right when the ball is snapped, we sprint out to the right with our running back and pass it to him.

Once our running back catches the pass, you will immediately lateral the ball back to the QB.

As long as it is an accurate lateral and your QB has time to throw the ball, you should be able to hit one of your receivers as the defense crashes down.

We see our receiver running downfield and pass it to him.

He is able to catch the pass with no one near him and lots of open space.

The final result is we walk into the endzone.

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