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How To Destroy Every Common Coverage In Madden 21 – No Setup Required

In today’s Madden School tip, we are going over a play that has 5 man to man beating routes all in 1 play. The best part about this play is many of the routes also get open against common zone defenses as well.

Let’s take a look at the full breakdown below!

Madden School Unlimited

Playbook: Arizona Cardinals

Formation: Gun Y Trips Wk

Play: Weak Flood


  1. (Optional) Put Y/Triangle tight end on a corner route if he has the TE Apprentice ability. If not, leave him on his default route.


  1. Our first read is a quick high low between the B/Circle over route, and the underneath drag to the TE
  2. The second read is a throw to X/Square right out of the break on the post
  3. The third read is another high low between the in route, and the HB over the middle

Overview: This play is great because it gives us 5-man beaters stock in one play. It is perfect for quick hiking, and this setup only requires one possible adjustment if you have a TE with the Apprentice ability.

We have two different high-low reads and a homerun hitting post route.

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Madden 21 Unlimited

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