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Madden 21 custom playbooks

Madden 21 Custom Playbooks From Madden School Available On PS4 and XBOX One

Our Madden 21 custom playbooks for offense are now available to download on your PlayStation 4 or XBOX One. These custom playbooks feature all of the plays and formations from our Madden 21 ebooks.

Obviously only Madden School Unlimited members will know the setups, reads, and personnel recommendations but the playooks are available to the general public to download.

Here is a video going over how to download our custom playbooks with a written description below.

Madden 21 Custom Playbooks From Madden School On PS4 and XBOX One

To download our custom playbooks, follow the steps below.

  1. Boot up your Madden 21 game on PS4 or XBOX One
  2. At the home screen, scroll over to the settings gear and click it
  3. Scroll down to “Share and Manage Files” and click that
  4. Click on “Download Community Files”
  5. Hit Y on XBOX One or Triangle on PS4 to bring up the search function
  6. Click search by keyword and type in “msoffense” and then click done
  7. The click on the file name called, “msoffense” and click download file

To use our Madden 21 custom offensive playbook just scroll over to the playbook called, “MSOFFENSE” and select that before your game.

Or you can set it in your settings by clicking on “Settings” then “Settings” again then “Game Options” then set your offensive playbook to “MSOFFENSE”

Note: Custom playbooks are only available to be used in franchise mode, H2H, play now, and practice mode. They are not available in MUT or The Yard.

Want the setups to the plays in this playbook? Become a Madden School Unlimited member today!

Madden 21 eBooks and Strategy Guides

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