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Madden 21 Destroy man coverage

How To Absolutely Destroy Cover 1 Defense In Madden 21

Early on in Madden 21, cover 1 defense seems to be the most common defense at high levels of competitive Madden.

In today’s free Madden School tip, we are going over one way to absolutely destroy it for a touchdown every time.

Check it our below!

Absolutely Destroy Cover 1 Defenses In Madden 21

Madden School Unlimited

Playbook: Pittsburgh Steelers

Formation: Gun Empty Steeler

Play: Stutter Hook


  1. Smart route the X/square receiver
  2. Put the Y/triangle receiver on a slant route
  3. Put the A/X receiver on a slant


  1. Against Cover 1 or Cover 0 defenses, your X/square receiver should get wide open deep for a 1 play touchdown

Overview: A lot of people love to sit in Cover 1 defense this year. This play will get them out of it really quickly. It helps to have your fastest wide receiver in the X/square spot.

Let’s take a closer look at how this play works.

Madden 21 Cover 1 Play Art

This is how the final play are should look right before you snap the ball.

Because we smart routed the X/square receiver he gets into his double move much faster than he would on his original route.

You can see a second later that we’ve absolutely left the cornerback in the dust with no shot of him making the play.

We make the catch with no defender near us.

And we are able to walk into the end zone for an easy touchdown.

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