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How To Be a Good Franchise Owner in Madden 18

With Madden 18 set to release August 25th this year, it’s time to start preparing for how to be a good franchise owner. The goal of any franchise is obvious – Win a super bowl. Some users may take an easier route and select teams that are closer to contention like the Patriots, Falcons or the Packers. A good number of users might take the other route and build up teams that aren’t so close such as the Jets, Bears or 49ers. Both present challenges in their own ways.

It’s important to note that not much information has been released on the upcoming franchise mode. A lot of the information we have so far is surrounded by Madden’s new game mode, Longshot, which is their first ever story mode. While that is exciting, we’re still waiting for news on Franchise mode. It’s always one of their best game modes and I hope that they continue to upgrade and make it more enjoyable.

With that, here are some basic tips to get your mind ready to build a contender in Madden 18.

Knowing What You Have

This is vital. In order to sustain success in Madden 18, you have to know what areas you are weak in. My advice would be to look at the depth chart and roster constantly. Get a feel for where you need work in and then go out and grab those players in the draft or the free agency. It seems like a simple step but one that often goes unnoticed.

With that in mind, you also have to understand your playstyle. You have to know what you’re good at in order to produce a franchise that will win you games. For example, I love having a strong arm quarterback paired with a speedy receiver. For me, that’s what works best.

Understand your roster but also understand yourself.

Draft Capital is Important

Just like real life, having draft picks is important if you want to ensure that you will build a dynasty. In Madden 17, you were able to do some minor scouting and this gave you some insight as to what they will be like at the next level. I’m sure there will be something similar or more in depth with Madden 18. Make sure to do the scouting and get an understanding of the draft class – It WILL pay off.

When trading players, look for picks. You might be able to draft someone with a “superstar” development trait and could be a cornerstone piece for you. He will also be quite cheaper for a couple of years than paying for an already elite talent.

Earlier picks will have a great chance of being “superstar” level talent and that is similar to real life. But, there are hidden gems in the draft. Madden does that on purpose. Make sure to take into effect all the numbers they give you. Look at age, school, 40-yard times, bench press, etc. This will help you make your decisions.

Know yourself, know your roster and fill positions by understanding the draft.

Develop Talent

Madden allows players to gain XP throughout the season by performing well or playing out their specific goals. Once that is done, you can upgrade certain traits and ultimately, the player should get better. Also, pay attention to players specifics. Some like Khalil Mack might have that “Superstar” development trait which means they will gain XP faster. There are some with Quick, Normal or slow development too.

It’s important to know who is what because it will allow you to focus on your superstars and possibly trade your “Slow” development players for some draft picks. A trick I usually do is save all my XP until the end of the season for everyone, then with more built up XP, I can purchase more valuable traits that will make them better. Just something that I have always done. You can do it weekly or whatever pace you’d like for your team.

Understanding The Cap

Yes, it is always so enticing seeing big name players like Eric Berry or Odell Beckham Jr. in the free agency pool. Who wouldn’t want those players? But, are they really worth the money? It’s important to keep the superstar level guys on your roster and ensure that they get paid and don’t leave. It’s a part of building that dynasty and sustaining success in franchise mode.

If your team has a glaring hole and a good amount of cap space, go for it. Sign the studs. Just be sure to recognize your situation and when it might be a good move or not. Don’t throw money at every single free agent either.

Another thing, look for value. Try to find young guys with good development that will fit the scheme your team runs. They should fit in nicely and make your team better. They will be cheaper options than the top of the position. These would be considered plug guys to fill roster spots and allow you spend money elsewhere.

I just wanted to lay out some very basic Madden tips to be better at franchise mode. Anyone’s goal is to create a franchise with lasting success. We don’t want to set ourselves up for one super bowl win but many. If you constantly have the long-term vision in mind, then these tips should align with that.

But, now is the time to get ready and prepare to be a dominant Madden 18 player. Be better than your friends, family or anyone online. Become a Madden School Unlimited Member before the release of Madden 18 in August. Unlimited members receive special perks including instant access to all of our professionally developed E-Books.

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Samuel Miller
Samuel Miller
6 years ago

This is a great tip