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Draft Champions: Draft More Offense or Defense?

You have fifteen picks and two of them are a QB and a coach, the other thirteen are some combination of stars both on the offensive and defensive side of the ball. You are trying to address the needs all over the field, but with so few picks you have to choose a focal point. Will your offense be explosive? Or will your defense be a dense jungle of 3-and-outs and turnovers?

If you’ve played Draft Champions you are familiar with the scenario above. So what should you do to get the best team possible? As the saying goes, the best defense is a good offense and we agree. I feel the need to say that you should not ignore the defense all together. Rather, you should just have your focus on building an offense that can move the ball and limit turnovers.

You’re going to have a QB ranked in the upper 80’s to low 90’s and that is a guarantee. Go with your gut. You don’t have to grab the highest ranked player. Draft players that fit your game. You should look to target wide receivers based on your play style.

For example if you run a slant route or screen pass offense you want quick underneath receivers such as an Odell Beckham Jr. or a Tyreek Hill. If you stretch the defense out and throw the long ball you will want physical receivers who have the athleticism to beat a defender in the air like Julio Jones or Mike Evans. There is no point in having a superstar QB if you are just going to run the ball every play.

That being said a solid Running back really balances out your offense. It’s hard to run play action when the defense knows they can stop you with only six or seven guys in the box. The style of running back is totally up to your preference. A big physical running back will help shrink the defense to the middle and be a goal line threat. On the flip side a quick, shifty running backs can compliment the passing game which is necessary to be competitive in online play.

Offense is important, but you do not need to spend five of your thirteen picks on the O-line. You are taking the risk that they didn’t draft the best D-line they could get. However, if four or five of their picks went to the D-line there will be holes on that defense. And if they don’t have any holes, then they must have not drafted a single offensive weapon. All that being said you can get away with two stars on the O-line.

CAUTION: don’t think your stellar offense is not capable of turnovers. Turning the ball over is the easiest way to lose in online games, especially with such limited playing time. Don’t be the player who runs the same route every time, because you will get nice 60 yard drives that unfortunately end in turnovers. Even the worst defensive back can jump a route when they know exactly what play is coming.

The online universe is competitive, and it may take a couple games to get the ball rolling. Remember to draft a team that can score, but limiting the turnovers is on you. See you in the Championship.

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